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Running The Tao Way

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This is a living experience combining very interesting techniques and psychological approaches to encompass sport under a new angle, to feel one's body.

Loic Martineau

Stephane has helped me to revisit my techniques which has made a huge difference to my runs and also made me enjoy them so much more and I have seen significant results both physically and mentally.

Amy Tyers

Stephane taught me to run enjoyably, by adopting the right position and the right mind-set. His pluridisciplinary approach on the subject is really interesting (and impressive). He will guide you from your brain to your feet, going through your breathing, to help you find what makes a run delightful.

Karine Meerschman

Stephane’s non-judgmental calm coaching, attention to detail, and genuine enthusiasm in running and living a mindful life was a huge reason I enjoyed participating in this ToR journey !

Susan Millar

I have learned how to run in harmony with my body and with my mind. I can now go for long runs lasting 2-3 hours and finish refreshed and energized. Amazing!

Denis Manigart

I am 37 years old and I have done more running in the last 12 months than in the previous 36 years combined !

Denis Manigart

Angkor Wat half marathon was an amazing experience for me! I was definitely seeing some huge benefits of this program!...I found my flow very early on (probably the environment helped) and running felt so effortless! ...Also this was the first time with my minimally cushioned shoes, and guess what, my feet and legs were not sore at all. I was stunned! I could have just keep going :).

Mari Haapala

Running was something that I thought I could not do. However, Stephane' s Tao of Running course allowed me to understand the mechanics of running and not to be afraid of something that we are born to do.

Jonathan Fernandes

The enjoyment during my practice is by far greater, as I can now exercise, relax my mind and feel good in one go. I am looking forward to further fine tune my experience using ToR techniques.

Laurent Maillefer

You may have heard or gone through other programs before, but the uniqueness of ToR is the strong link that it progressively establishes between the physical activity and the impact on the mind.

Pascal De Meester

Running used to be a painful and energy draining activity for me. Participating into ToR program helped me to change gradually my perceptions and my feelings about running. My runs became more pleasant, more relaxing and my capacity to run longer distances has increased throughout the program. ToR also provided me insights and techniques applicable in my everyday life to increase my well-being in general.

Michael Benamar

Stephane is a wonderful person, a great teacher, always receptive and available for any question or discussion. It has been an amazing experience for me and I recommend his programs to anyone who desires to enjoy running. Hat’s off to you, Stephane!

Marie Turbang

...Running is now part of my life and I am very grateful to Stephane for this gift. Due to the distance (I am in Belgium), we have made the program via Skype and it has been really successful.

Marie Turbang

I aim to do a few halfs and train for a full marathon. Stephane will be my go-to coach to help me get there. He had helped me to enjoy running and I believe everyone is indeed 'Born to run'!

Tracy Yong

My 10-week ToR journey had been eye-opening and fun. I learned better techniques to run, and most importantly, run with mindfulness. The end result of most of my runs are I feel energized, relaxed and motivated to continue running.

Tracy Yong

Stephane is passionate. He communicates his enthusiasm in a cheerful manner that makes the coaching sessions very comfortable.

Loic Martineau

Running has become a real pleasure and not a painful and tiring activity, connecting body and mind has been a good way to control stress and improve sense of well-being, having a regular activity has helped to lose weight without feeling hard effort... Running has become a happy time and a need when not practiced regularly.

Thierry Guillem

I recommend Stephane' s ToR program to anyone who wants to improve his running skills and capitalize on them to develop a positive mind-set, and anyone who always wondered about what benefits running can bring to her/his life.

Pascal De Meester

ToR gave me a deeper understanding of how life is so hectic that we don't just stop and think about /be with ourselves. Learning more about mindfulness has allowed me to focus on my new business and my productivity has increased 10 fold.

Jonathan Fernandes