Our Fast-Paced World Has Negative Impact For Our Health, Performance  & Well-Being

You are really busy, overwhelmed by responsibilities & “unending to do lists”

  • Do you feel moody and low in energy

  • Do  you perceive running as something painful, tiring, not really for you?

  • Do you struggle losing weight and be healthy?

  • Is your last blood test showing some concerns?

  • Do you often encounter injuries when you run/exercise?

  • Do you feel exhausted and sometimes moody after your runs?

  • Are you regularly anxious and/or worried?

  • Do you feel burnt out or even depressed?

  • Are you tired of this continuous tyrannical little voice in your head?

  • Do you feel the need to create some “space” for yourself?

  • Do you lack focus/concentration during your day?

  • Do you have difficulties making good decisions, prioritizing your work?

  • Do you lack creativity and /or intuition?

  • Do you feel you are continuously lacking sleep ?

  • Do you exercise regularly but it does not really help improving your health and well being?

  • Do you need a rejuvenating activity that you can do anytime, anywhere ?

What Is This 10 Week Program About & What Makes It Unique?

Tao of Running 10 Week Transformation Program  is not a training to become a better runner or to learn how to practice mindfulness or to improve your nutrition and sleep habits. IT IS ALL OF THAT AND MORE THAN THAT!

It is a holistic Life Transforming Program to become healthier (while losing weight in the process…), fitter, more productive and ultimately more fulfilled!!!

Tao of Running offers a unique integrated approach combining and interrelating : 

  • Running techniques and endurance mastery principles to run in a more “natural way” (see Born To Run )

  • Breathing & mind training techniques (e.g. mindfulness of breathing, mindfulness of body, NLP techniques, neuroscience, science of happiness) to improve your mental & emotional well-being (see Our Brain Is Plastic

  • Nutritional and sleep principles and advice to support the journey and give you a “sense of direction” to deal in a better way with the tons of often contradicting information available out there

  • Change management tools & techniques to create and reinforce new positive habits (to become a real “Practice”)

 This 10 Week Unique Program is particularly designed for people with stressful life, with or without previous running experience, who want to be physically fit & healthy, mentally sharp & balanced, more connected with themselves & find joy in the process but… they don’t have enough time to commit to multiple activities. (See Philosophy for the guiding principle of the ToR approach).  The longer the practice, more the principles and techniques will be integrated and reinforced to become a lifestyle! (see the Praise section to read some testimonials of participants after a few years of practice). 

Expected Benefits

  • Built positive feelings & emotions about running:

    – Increase joy, peace & harmony 
    – Remove fears and beliefs of suffering often associated with running

  • Weight loss

  • Increased running efficiency/productivity (run faster with less energy) 

  • Increased focus & concentration at work

  • Improved creativity

  • Increased “sense of freedom”

  • Boosted and stabilized energy level

  • Increased fitness level

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, worries

  • Increased positive mood

  • Reduced opportunities of injuries 

  • Improved cardiovascular & immune system

  • and maybe… register and Prepare a [half-full] marathon  or another long distance event after the program in a holistic way (see numerous stories in Praise section)

What You Will Get for Your Investment?

This Program includes…

  • 7 training & coaching group sessions of 2 to 2.5 hours (mix of theory and “on the run” coaching) typically scheduled on Saturdays 

  •  Access to reading material, videos, apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program 

  • Regular interactions with the ToR Coach to share your challenges and progress

  • Set of Coaching Cards distributed at the end of each session to support the coaching process

  • 10 Week Program Logbook to guide personal training sessions in between the modules (typically 3 sessions/week) and record personal experience

  • 1 video montage for running form analysis to provide a feedback on improvement opportunities

  • Lifetime access to the Weekly Run (organized different days – in morning/evening time):   45 minutes to one hour fun group run for all old and new participants (locations are in different green areas of Kuala Lumpur (e.g. Lake Garden, TTDI park, Titiwangsa park,…)  

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10 Week Program Estimated Value:

RM 2,700

  • 7 x group training & coaching sessions (RM 1,400)

  • 7 x modules training material in PDF Format (RM 350)

  • Set of laminated Coaching Cards (Rm 100)

  • 10 Week Program Coaching Logbook (RM 100)

  • 1 video for Running Form Analysis (RM 250)

  • Regular support and additional shared resources to reinforce motivation during the program (RM 500)

  • Weekly Group Run (Life time access – Bonus)

10 Week Program Investment:

RM 1,200

This represents a saving of RM 1,500 or 55% discount 

Note: You can also chose an option of 3 instalments of RM450, paid at the enrollment and at the beginning of  the 2 following months, total of RM1350

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Note: This 10 Week Transformation Program:

    • Can be open for a group in a chosen location during week days

    • Can be conducted remote by video calling (see One On One Coaching Program)

    • Can be conducted in French (all the modules are translated)

                              PRICE LIST AVAILABLE ON DEMAND!

Next 10 Week Group Program Starts On October 12th ! 

Training’s location : Damansara Heights Community Center, 3 Jalan Setia Budi, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur 

Days of  training : Saturdays morning 

Module 1The approach of Tao of Running:  October 12th – 9 am to 11 am

Module 2 – Body Training Part 1: October 19th – 8 am to 10.30 am 

Module 3 – Mind Training: November 2nd – 8 am to 10.30 am 

Module 4 – Heart Training: November 16th – 8 am to 10.30 am 

Module 5 – Nutrition Principles & Habits: November 23rd – 8 am to 10.30 am 

Module 6 – Body Training Part 2: November 30th – 8 am to 10.30 am

Module 7 – Mastering ToR Journey: December 14th – 8 am to 10.30 am

Please, open FAQ sheet here on the right for additional details !!

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Laurent Duvillier

This is not a new year resolution… It’s a lifetime resolution! 
 I am 44 year old. And I didn’t know how to breath. I didn’t know how to run. I didn’t know how to eat. I didn’t know how to be in peace with myself. Now I do. I (re)learned it through this great program.
Lasting impact on your well-being Good for your body, your mind and your soul. Try it and (re)connect with your true self

Elodie Pinot

“A few months ago, I was diagnosed with a lung disease. I was new to running and ready to give up. But I was already addicted to this sport and I wanted to persevere.
Thanks to my meeting with Stéphane, and through the program Tao of Running, I was able to move beyond my illness... Each module of the program was a step towards my new balance .. running techniques, breathing, mindfulness, serenity, acceptance and resilience ..
Today, I practice running several times a week with a lot of fun! Stephane accompanied me step by step to find my own pace, my own running form, and I can not thank him enough for that. Tao of Running is a fantastic program created by a fantastic coach! Thank you…”

Christina Rostoph

” Taking part in the Tao of Running program gave me the ability to run and enjoy it. Feeling the body and liking the movement, the feeling of being in nature etc… has been a big achievement for me.
But, what I liked the most about this program, is that it is a 10 weeks course that gives you so much knowledge that you can continue on your own. I’m grateful that Stephane has guided me through good and hard times. It is life skills and a lifelong lesson.
Today, I feel healthier, my overall well-being has improved a lot, my skin is better, I have fewer sick days, much less headaches and my digestive system has improved.
Thank you, Stephane! You are a wonderful mentor and a big inspiration!! “

Rohit Nambiar

Thanks Stephane for the support, inspiration and coaching…
From panting at 400 meters to running my 1st 6km then 10km, 15km and finally a Half Marathon, it has been an amazing journey
I couldnt have dreamt of this in just 4 months
The best part is how I don’t experience any pain after all the runs thanks to the preparation, training regime and techniques imparted…. I went around Melaka whole day after my 15km and did the same in Ipoh after my 21km… Essentially means I ran for myself and spent the rest of the day with family… This means all parties are happy 🙂
Finally, you were not just a Running Coach. I always refer to you as a Lifestyle Coach to my friends. From nutrition to running and mental conditioning, you really supported me through this journey with the right amount of tips. Thanks a lot! “
Note: Rohit lost 19 kgs in about 8 months by combining running, mindfulness and nutrition new habits !

Marianne Dupuis

“As a professional executive coach, this program had been really useful to bring additional ways to handle stress. Getting back to resourcefulness thanks to mindfulness and mindful running, ensuring a proper “me-time” to brainstorm more creative ways to deal with a complex situation and providing a discipline to self-care. In my profession where so much relies on how grounded I am, self-care and well-being are essential, yet one needs to also find how to fit it in a busy schedule. The program contributed to help me install these special recharging times in a rhythm that suits my professional activity.” 
Thank you for your coaching Stephane !”

Pedro Uria-Recio

“I never thought that I would be able to run a half marathon before I met Stephane Thiltgen, founder of the Tao of Running and Tao Lifestyle.
Fast forward to 2018 and I am proud of having run 5 half marathons this year. My yearly body check is also showing some improvements compared to previous years. Over the same period, my team at work grew from two to a department of 40+.
Running with Stephane and applying the holistic principles enabled me to drive this change successfully at work and to become a better leader. It reduced my stress, anxiety and worries and helped me wake up fully energized. It also gave me a calmer and clearer state of for decision-making and problem solving and improved my concentration power. Finally, it also increased my ability for authenticity, empathy and compassion and improved the way I relate to my colleagues and subordinates.” 

Amy Tyers

“The ToR course for me did not only transformed my approach to running in terms of techniques taught but also my mind-set to life in general.
It is truly transformational. I have been running for years, not really knowing anything about technique and I would just go “for a run”.
Stephane has helped me to revisit my techniques which has made a  huge difference to my runs and also made me enjoy them so much more and I have seen significant results both physically and mentally. Stephane has been so motivating and inspirational and I would highly recommend his course as well as his services as a coach.”

Approach & Content Of This Program

ToR Transformation Program Has A Duration Of 10 Weeks To Allow The Practitioners To Build Incremental Knowledge To Pursue The Journey On Their Own By The End Of The Program.

1. Body Training

  • Running techniques to run in a “natural way” & collect numerous  underlying benefits (e.g. reduce injuries, improve flow of energy, improve running efficiency & productivity).

3. Heart Training

  • How to practice running to balance your mind while strenghtening your heart.  It enables different experiences for your body & mind system (e.g. be in the zone/”flow”, increase creativity, improve intuition).

2. Mind Training

  • How to increase attention & be aware of the present moment & body sensations while running. Underlying benefits are better focus/concentration, less stress & anxiety, better sleeping, more joy in the process.

4. Supporting Habits

  • Provides some nutritional advice & help creating healthy supporting habits to  reinforce the transformation journey.

5. Mastering The Journey 

  • How to sustain the continuous improvement practice (“Kaizen” in Japanese) to ultimately reach mastery level with all the underlying benefits for well-being.

Rebiha Ghezali

This program was the turning point of my life !  I highly recommend it !”  

Jerome Desmarest

“ Thank you Stephane for your coaching & continuous support!
I discovered the Tao of running in 2015. As a regular runner, I was not expecting major changes… but after the 10 weeks transformation program and few HM… I realize that it changed completely my vision and perception of running from the way to move, the way to use my mind, the way to breath and even the way to eat!
I completed my first HM in June 2016 after a preparation based on long run in happy zone (1h52). One year later, I ran the SCKL HM with a more specific program, and I improved my performance by 7min.
And in Dec 4th 2017, with my running partner since 2 years (Loic ), we were running the Angkor Wat Half Marathon. Based on a 12 weeks program prepared by Stephane – more performance oriented but still based on Tao principles – I beat my previous record by 10min (1h35)
This run in the middle of the temples was amazing…
The day after, we were feel so great that we were already thinking to our next objective with Loic… KL FM in April 2018! What a fantastic experience, everyone can find his own pleasure and satisfaction with the Tao of running… beginners likewise more experienced runners.
And last thing, since I am practicing mindfulness regularly inside and outside my running practice, I manage better my stress of my day to day life and I feel better in my body and my mind!
?♂ Well done Steph ! ?”

Tracy Jong

“I ran my first half marathon in 2010. I enjoyed the 2.5 hours but my whole body ached for few days after! Even though I subsequently went on to do a few runs (10  – 15 km), I  never really felt motivated to run vs going to the gym for my Body Combat/ Yoga/ Dance classes.
Fast forward 5 years later, I am now a very busy full time working mum of 2 kids. I no longer have the luxury of time to travel to my gym as often as before. I wanted to look for a sport activity that I can do anywhere, and whenever I can find time.  Running seems like the most obvious thing to do. However, I know I must enjoy running if it is going to be sustainable.
The 10-week TOR journey had been eye-opening & fun. I learned better techniques to run, and most importantly, running with mindfulness. The end result of most of my runs are I feel energized, relaxed and motivated to continue running. My body no longer suffer from post-run muscle aches. I aim to do a few halfs and train for a full marathon. Stephane will be my go-to coach to help me get there. He had helped me to enjoy running and I believe everyone is indeed ‘Born to Run

Oon Hoe Cheng

“I am 72 years old and I am a long time runner. I have ran more than 20 full marathons and many more half-marathons. Age is not a reason to stop improving and I decided to sign up for the 10 week program with an open mind to see what I could get from it. 
I can definitely see a lot of benefits from this program. I was beginning to feel dejected in my recent long distance runs. I was more enduring them and my time/speed were stagnating for a while.  The mind and body training techniques learned during this program are making me more alert, mindful, and enthusiastic in all aspects. I have also increased my running efficiency. As a result of that, I am improving again my speed. I have trimmed 30 min of time in my last ½ marathon compared to the recent ones. And, I still foresee some opportunities to continue improving my time and enjoying more my runs. 
Thank you for your coaching Stephane !”

Marianne Clark

“Seeing the transformation that the Tao of running made in the lives and running techniques of my colleagues,  I decided to give it a go.
 I had two goals – learn to enjoy running and to be mindful.  Thanks to Stephane I achieved both with the added bonus of sleeping better too!  Stephane knows his stuff, cares about your success and gives you options to adapt what he teaches to your lifestyle “

Denis Manigart

“Stephane is truly passionate about running and he’s contagious.
I would have never thought that I would actually “enjoy” running one day.  I am 37 years old and I have done more running in the last 12 months than in the previous 36 years combined.
With the ToR coaching sessions, I have learned how to run in harmony with my body and with my mindI can now go for long runs lasting 2-3 hours and finish refreshed and energized.
Simply amazing!”

Marie-Alice Legarda

“For many years, I have tried to incorporate running into my life without success. I was aware of the benefits but I was not taking any pleasure.
A few months ago, I joined a group program of the Tao of Running – 10 Week Transformation. Since then, I’m running a few times a week with great pleasure. It is now part of my lifestyle. Stephane is a passionate and inspiring holistic coach with deep knowledge in many topics related to personal development and human sciences. He is also an active listener. Even in a group setting, he does his best to personalize his approach to the needs of each participant.” 

Frederic Quaranta

As many executives, one of my biggest challenge is to keep clarity, focus and strength in order to make best possible business decisions. Decisions more and more difficult to make in dynamic, volatile and overwhelming environments. No need to add that work-life balance is a crucial topic in our over demanding world. I was looking for an holistic program to support me in balancing everything and re-developing the feeling of control and mastery in my life
Stephane, is using running as a mean to bring the puzzle pieces together.
Always backed-up with scientific researches, Stephane is guiding us in a very interesting journey where we learn how works our body. I better understand myself and discover the limitless capabilities of my machinery. And it works !
Results are really amazing (and for me very fast): Better focus and clarity during the day and much better quality time with my Family.
I highly recommend the TAO program for everyone that has to manage very demanding environment, that has the impression to pay a too high sacrifice in order to succeed, or simply that want to feel much better in his body. “

Pol Abiven

“I spend over 60% of my time travelling in the APAC region. Although I enjoy my hectic life and work, I felt the need of managing better my lifestyle, especially my health and mind to create a positive “virtuous circle” and go out of the vicious one !
To do so, you need guidance and support : I decided to take part in the Tao program. The holistic approach promoted by Stephane is very concrete: Running and exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep principles and techniques taught by Stephane are easy to understand and the interactions between each of them are powerful which make them easier to apply them in your daily life.” 
It really works ! I was for example very reluctant to running (I hated it!). And now, I feel the need of going out and run, few times a week. Also, today I feel much more relaxed , I have a clearer mind, I’m more creative and I have a better approach to problems at work. My energy level is great and I have more smiles on my face ;-).” 

Carlos Mendes

“I joined the Tao of Running as a birthday gift for myself  Looking for a way to better manage my personal energy and continue my performance improvement. What an experience!!! By far my best gift this year!!!
Starting by a great epiphany during the program related to balancing different areas and how to manage my life’s cycle using all pillars of an holistic approach – for a “work hard, party harder, and run like there is no tomorrow” kind of person this was definitely a turning point. Then learning and practicing mindfulness has really enhanced my focus. Stephane’s “field and forum” method has provided me with the foundations for a continuous improvement journey, and for an engineer/expert consultant, knowing the science related to these was definitely a plus! The results so far are beyond expectationsrunning better, higher energy when it matters most and I’m now a more present person – so I definitely recommend Stephane as a coach, improving with him has been a great journey so far!”