About Me

 I’m a Transformational Coach, a Wellness Subject Matter Expert and a Long Distance Passionate Runner.

My purpose is to guide people redesigning their lifestyle to get healthier, fitter, more productive at work and ultimately happier !

I help my non-corporate clients to build positive feelings and emotions for running (or exercise in general), lose weight, improve running performance/efficiency, increase energy, increase fitness level, decrease anxiety/stress, improve sleep.

I help business leaders to elevate their performance at work by being calmer, more focused, more energized, more creative, more intuitive and increase their working time in the “state of flow”.

I do that through a unique holistic approach (and personalized depending of the needs) combining and interrelating running, mindfulness and nutrition. Throughout the various programs, my clients develop and reinforce high performance and healthy habits and routines that stick to their life.

I do both in-person/group coaching in Kuala Lumpur and virtual coaching globally (e.g. New York, Singapore, Brussels, Luxembourg, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Liege, Penang).

As a speaker, I conduct talks and workshops to bring awareness and inspiration on how to design a highly meaningful, healthy and happy life. 

My clients include some executives and senior leaders of big corporations like Mckinsey & Company, AXA, GSK, ABB, Airbus, Schlumberger, GE, Thales, Sime Darby, Hastings, Technip, Swift, Lazada, St Microelectronics, Axiata, Veeam Software, Amazon, Nokia, Charles Rivers Laboratories, Vinci Constructions, UNICEF. They have benefited from this holistic transformation and their testimonials are available by clicking on this link: https://goo.gl/knvalX

 Educational Background:

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – ABNLP 

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 Week Program (MBSR) Trained

  • Vipassana Meditation Daily Practitioner (Took part 2 times in a Vipassana 10 day retreat)

  • Search Inside Yourself 2 Day Course Graduate

  • The Science of Happiness 8 Week Course Graduate – Berkeley University (on line)

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt  (LSSBB) – Villanova University & Accenture University

  • The Foundations of Wellbeing: Hardwire Lasting Happiness, Peace & Love Into The Core of Your Being 1 Year Course Graduate (Foundations in Neuroscience) – Dr. Rick Hanson

  • Primal Endurance Mastery Course (Endurance Training Mastery) Graduate – Mark Sisson

  • “Unlimited Power” Graduate – Tony Robbins

  • Industrial Engineer Graduate [ 5 Years] – Haute Ecole Robert Schuman

  • Business Administration Post Degree Graduate [1 Year] – Louvain Business School 

My Journey To The Tao of Running

I have 4 major passions in life1) Lean management/continuous improvement, 2) mindfulness/mind training techniques, 3) nutrition, 4) long distance running.

I nourished my first passion working for over 11 years as a Lean consultant in Asia and Europe. LEAN is a holistic management philosophy. It emphasizes the importance in providing meaning/sense of purpose to people, respecting, challenging & coaching them to continuously grow their skills. This, combined with a powerful toolbox for performance, was and is still really a model of leadership for me.

My second passion, born in my early working life, is related to human being/human sciences. I have literally read hundreds of books and participated in dozens of seminars related to NLP (I’m a certified practitioner), neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and Vipassana meditation for the past 4 years (I have completed 2 retreats of 10 days and I practice on a daily basis).

My third passion is nutrition and how to make sense of the innumerable and often contradicting nutritional theories to guide people identifying what works for their bio-individuality and developing new eating habits to meet their specific goals (I’ m a certified Holistic Health Coach by Institute for Integrative Nutrition).

My last passion is probably my longest lasting: I have been a runner for the past 25 years. Since then, I have always found a way to run no matter how busy I was in my working/personal life. But my running style and techniques have really evolved over time from being a really competitive runner focused on performance/results often at the expense of enjoying/being present in the running experience to now being a “zen” runner who practices running as a way of finding more meaning in life, being connected to my inner life and overall feel better and happier.

Tao of Running comes literally at the intersection of these 4 passions!!!

See Philosophy & Programs sections to learn more of what the Tao of Running is about

 Summary in a few bullets :

  • 42 years old

  • Married to my lovely Michele since 2009

  • Proud father of 2 young children Chloe ( 6 years old) and Arnaud (3 year old) 

  • 29 years living in Belgium, these last 13 years in Malaysia. I have been exposed to both western & eastern philosophies & cultures. 

  • 25 years of running practice (e.g. marathon, half-marathon, trail running)

  • Practitioner of Vipassana Meditation : Completed 2 retreats of 10 days & daily practitionerwww.dhamma.org

  • An insatiable thirst for improvement & learning about human beings :

    Passion for personal improvement & human sciences: Certified NLP Practitioner, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, nutrition theories (Certified Holistic Health Coach).

    – Passion for business improvement: Process improvement expert (Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) for the last 11 years (e.g. Nestle, Accenture)

Why The Tao of Running?

My mission is to share 25 years of continuous improvement in running, mind training and nutrition that have changed my personal life.

Indeed, I deeply believe that it can help other people with stressful lifestyles to redesign their life and improve their overall health & well-being.