We Have Lost Touch With Our Natural Abilities To Be Happy

New technologies and scientific progresses help us improving our comfort in life like ever in the past. But, it is also bringing us a increasingly demanding and fast-paced lifestyle with numerous challenges for our health and well-being … 

It typically leads to:

  • Less ability to be in the present

  • More multi-tasking and mind wandering

  • Be out of touch with our biological rhythms

  • Have less direct connections between people (more digital connection)

  • A compulsive consumption of food and material things

  • A lack of body movements and/or not adapted body movements

  • Poor diet habits

The brain gets addicted to the “doing mode” and the body loses the natural abilities to move freely and efficiently leading to chronic stress and unhappiness.  On the other hand, modern diseases, in-existent in the past (See Tarahumara’s tribe in Born To Run ) are increasingly present in our society.

Maybe, there is a correlation between the lifestyle we impose to our body/mind system and these various afflictions? More and more scientific studies tend to prove it… (See All Things Are Interdependent)

Our Modern World Is Not In Favor Of Body & Mind Balance