Question 1: Are all the classes on Saturday morning? I cannot make it work on weekdays

Yes, all the classes of the group training are on Saturdays morning. There are 7 Saturdays during the 10 week period of the program.
Here are the high level descriptions of the 7 modules:
Module 1– The approach of Tao of Running:  September 28th – 9 am to 11 am
Module 2 – Body Training Part 1: October 5th – 8 am to 10.30 am 
Module 3 – Mind Training: October 19th – 8 am to 10.30 am
Module 4 – Heart Training: November 2nd – 8 am to 10.30 am 
Module 5 – Nutrition Principles & Habits: November 16th – 8 am to 10.30 am 
Module 6 – Body Training Part 2: November 23rd – 8 am to 10.30 am
Module 7 – Mastering ToR Journey: November 30th – 8 am to 10.30 am  

Question 2:  Does it include running sessions in group (on Saturdays)?

The intro module (module 1) does not include any group running.
Module 2 to module 7 include “on the run coaching” to apply the theory discussed earlier the same day.  We will do these runs in Damansara Heights or Lake Gardens.  Some weekly group runs are also organized between the modules (see question 3). 
Each module has typically a duration of 2 to 2.5 hours comprehending a theory part (with slides and videos for intellectual understanding of the concepts and to provide some facts/evidence of the benefits) and a “on the run coaching” part to apply the theory and build knowledge in the mind & body system. 
Each participant will receive a logbook at the beginning of the program with some specific guidance on how to practice and integrate the learning during the personal practice between the modules (advised to practice 3 times a week ). Also, I provide some coaching cards at the end of each module to support/reinforce the personal practice and there are regular WhatsApp interactions in between the modules for the participants to ask questions and help them addressing their specific challenges. . 

Question 3: I work during the week days, is there any group runs on the weekend?

On the top of the weekend group runs included in the 10-week transformation program, there is a weekly run open to all the old and new participants of the ToR programs.
It is organized in different parks/green areas of KL. This run is organized at different days of the week (or week-end) and alternating morning/evening (date, time and location of this run is announced the week before).

Question 4: Is this program open to beginners? I am a complete novice

Yes, it is. The program is not focused on performance but on improving health/well-being through the practice of running first. Each participant will have a different level of fitness and experience related to running, meditation/mind training techniques, breathing techniques, nutrition and sleep sciences, and so on… The program focuses on providing tools and techniques to better listen to the body and connect body and mind to progress at the right pace based on the level of fitness of each participant.
By enjoying the practice, it motivates the practitioners to do more of it and the performance becomes a natural outcome of the regular practice
Some participants have never run in their life and might start by mixing walking and running at the beginning. Other participants have already run [half-full] marathon(s) and want to enjoy more their runs, prevent injuries, be less tired, have more efficient running techniques.
The challenge is more for me during the “on-the-run coaching” sessions as I have to manage the differences of fitness level between the participants to spend some time with everybody -:) 

Question 5: What happens if I am not available on that particular Saturday?

There are several possible scenarios:
  • Many people can’t make that day, we simply reschedule to a date that fits all
  • I organize a 15 to 30 min Skype call (or other video conference tool) to go through the key slides of the theory with you and I spend more attention during the following group run of the following module or during the weekly run (if you can make it).
  • If I happen to have another group/person having the same module at a close by date either in person or by skype, you can join that session
  • Last option, if the person wants it, we can organize a complete 1 on 1 session of the module at a convenient date (For this option an additional fee will be applied to the normal group program fee)
    Note: In the future, I will have recorded videos, it’s in the plan! 🙂

Question 6: Can you tell me more how the programs works during the 10 weeks? 

The Tao of Running Transformation program is a 10 week journey towards elevating your fitness, health, mental performance and overall well-being. During 10 weeks (can be adjusted for a 1 on 1 program), you will experience a fulfilling sense of incremental progress towards your specific goals.
During that period, you will:
  • Take part in 7 training and coaching sessions (1.5 to 2.5 hours per session mixing theory and “on the run coaching”). In between the sessions, you will receive guidance on how to practice on your own (usually 3 times a week) to build the knowledge into your mind-body and transform it into skills.
  • Have the key slides of the training material for the 7 modules in a PDF format
  • Have regular interactions with the ToR Coach to share your challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program
  • Have a set of coaching cards to support the personal practice and the program logbook to support the personal practice
  • Receive a video montage to provide feedback on posture and running form and summarize remaining opportunities of improvement at the end of the program.
  • Be invited to the weekly group run in which all the old and new participants since the creation of the program in 2015 are invited to join (You will continue to be invited to this weekly run after the end of the program)
By the end of the program, you will have initiated the transformation and will experience an increased fitness, health, sense of balance and well-being to motivate you to continue in this direction. It will become an entire new lifestyle. 

Question 7: How can you say if this program will work for me ?

Stephane has iteratively built  this transformative approach over a more than 20 years personal quest to improve his own health and well-being (you can read his story for additional details). The strategies and tools are backed by science, and, Stephane has developed skills (most of them certified) in many areas of health, performance and wellbeing like running, NLP, mindfulness, nutrition science, science of endurance mastery, sleep science, science of breathing, science of happiness, neuroscience, change management,… (you can see read about his credential in Stephane’s profile).
Also, the numerous testimonials given during these last 4 years (you can read some in the praise section) can give you a good flavor of the effectiveness of this program.

Question 8: How are you different than other health and performance coaches out there?

According to the Tao and many others traditional wisdom and philosophies, everything is inter-connected. This is valid at a human being level as well. The way you exercise, the way you breathe, how you sleep, what and how you eat, the way you use your brain, and so on… everything is inter-related. One of the key strength of this approach is that it helps each participant to connect the dots to balance the different pillars and avoid/reduce “internal frictions”
Guiding participants on how to create these bridges to interrelate and align the different pillars reinforce the transformation effect is the main difference and key strength of this approach. Along the program, they incrementally find in their inner resources how to balance better their life to move the needles of fitness, health, brain performance and well-being in the right direction for their specific needs