Yin Yang Symbolizes The Co-arising & Interdepence Of All Things

Yin-Yang symbol is the best known of the Taoist symbols (also called Taijitu) .It is a circle divided into two teardrop-shaped halves, one black and one white. Within each half, is embedded a small circle of the opposite colour.

The complete circle represents Tao, the fundamental absolute or wholeness out of which all existence arises.

The white half, yang (“sunny side”) symbolizes the masculine energy or the DOING-ACTION aspect of the Taijitu.

The black half, yin (“shady side”) symbolizes the feminine energy or the BEING-NON ACTION component.

Both yang and yin are co-arising and interdependent, continuously transforming one into the other. One could not exists without the other, like night becomes day & day becomes night.  

The Qi (“life force” or energy flowing) is arising depending on how yin & yang interplay. That is why it is important to balance yin-yang in a continuous process for harmonization

(See Tao of Running Programs for Details)

Taijitu or Yin- Yang Taoist Symbol