Tao of Running Philosophy Is Based On A Few Guiding Principles 

Tao of Running Embeds These Principles To Run With The Flow 

Tao of Running (ToR) holistic approach name is based on the yin-yang concept of the Taoist philosophy. 

The Yin half illustrates the BEING component related to the mind training to be in a non-doing state, present in the here & now.

The Yang half illustrates the DOING component or the physical training of the body to enable to run with grace, efficiently (no excessive effort) & avoid injuries.

ToR enables the co-arising & interdependence of the running activity with a “non doing” mental state. It enables to come back to a more “natural way” of running (See Born To Run) where the energy can flow more freely throughout the whole person (“whole runner”).

"Running with the Tao allows you to run uneven paths in a even way. So, inner peace, freedom and happiness can flow throughout your whole person"

Stephane Thiltgen

Physical Exercise & Mind Training Are Both Beneficial For Well-being

Now, I want to refer the work of Chade-Meng Tan, better known as Meng. Meng is a software engineer and one of the first employee of Google. He introduced emotional intelligence (EQ) in Google a few years ago, part of a personal project (Google allows to spend 20 % of the time on personal projects). Since then, this program became a huge success internally. So, Meng has decided to formalize it by creating a course and writing a bestselling book Search Inside Yourself to spread it to the world.  His job title in Google is now “Jolly Good Fellow”

In one passage of the book, Meng makes an analogy between exercise and mindfulness meditation to introduce the benefits of emotional intelligence. He says that exercise is well known to be the “way to train the body” to gain physical abilities. For many years, science can prove the benefits of physical exercise for health and well-being.  Then, he emphasises that an increasing number of scientific studies can prove that meditation is the “way to train the mind” to gain mental abilities to be more calm, more focused, more creative, more peaceful and ultimately more happy. In an engineering terminology, emotional intelligence “optimizes” yourself to function at an even higher level than what you are already capable of. Meng concludes this section by saying that exercise and meditation can both significantly change the quality of life.

The Tao of Running Trains Physical & Mental Skills SIMULTANEOUSLY  

The beauty of Tao of Running is in the fact that it can change significantly the quality of life from both sides SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!   With Tao of Running programs, the body is trained to comeback to a more “natural way” of running (See Born To Run) for a more efficient injury free running and in the same time the mind is trained to cultivate skills for more happiness/well-being (See Our Brain Is Plastic).

Tao of Running, once incorporated as a regular practice, enables the experience of Wu Wei (Chinese word from Taoism that literally means “non-doing” ) that allows the meditation in motion. Running becomes the central practice to generate physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being (See All Things Are Interdependent). 

Efficient & Injury Free Running...

... While Performance & Happiness

For me, a former engineer who worked in consulting as a process improvement expert for more than 10 years and to paraphrase Meng, “Optimizing” our whole person for overall well-being is the most interesting and meaningful improvement journey !  And ultimately, it contributes to a bigger plan to make this world a better place to live for everybody!

Welcome to the Tao of Running!